Are you insured and accredited?

Yes, I am insured with Westminster Insurance up to the sum of £1million. I am also a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) which was formed in 2004. By being a member of APDO, I adhere strictly to their code of ethics and standards of professionalism.

Are your services confidential?

Absolutely, one hundred percent. I do not share or discuss our experience together outside of our session or project. Any information I record or store is kept safely electronically and in accordance with my data protection licence. I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act. The ICO is an independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

I do not have a logo or advertising on my car or clothing to ensure discretion at all times.

What shall I do with all the things I no longer need?

Together we can ensure that as little as possible goes to landfill to help create a healthier planet. I include one trip to your local charity shop of choice in your session cost. Any recycling and refuse, and online auctioning or freecycling of items is left to you.

If you particularly want to sell an item, though, I would recommend setting yourself a strict deadline, or using an agency who can sell on your behalf for a percentage fee, so it doesn’t creep back into your newly decluttered space! I can provide further information if required.

Due to strict council licensing rules, I am not allowed to dispose of anything else on your behalf. However, should you need assistance to visit the refuse centre, I am happy to accompany you in your vehicle within our session time.

Do you clean or re-decorate afterwards?

I am happy to give surfaces a wipe down as we go along if you wish. However, the main focus will be on sorting and clearing your possessions and creating space. When the session is complete, if you feel you would like a deeper clean or feel you need your interior redecorated, I can recommend local tradespeople who can help.

What if I need extra storage?

I don’t carry a stock of storage items as one size doesn’t fit all. More often than not you find that once you have decluttered you have already have adequate storage. If you decide to purchase additional storage, I can point you in the right direction or share my trusted favourites with you to purchase. If you need assistance with the purchasing and delivering, we can discuss this too. ​

Do I need to prepare in advance?

No, I bring a small ‘toolkit’ of reliable items with me. You have my undivided attention for the session. What I ask of you is uninterrupted time to work together, without distractions from children, family or pets. This provides a stress-free environment for us to work through what you wish to keep and what you want to let go of, complete the project and leave you in a calm and uncluttered space to enjoy. ​

I'm worried that mine will be the worst home you've seen!

I don’t judge, I am here to help and I absolutely love what I do. I am confident that we can tackle a project together and achieve the outcome we discussed at your consultation. Pop over to my Clients page to see what I have already conquered. There is nothing to be embarrassed about; working together, 99.9% of what I have encountered to date has been possible.

I ought to be able to do this kind of thing myself, shouldn't I?

Everyone needs a fresh approach from time to time, or help with something that is unknown or new to them. To get a tap fixed, help with a pension, or a garden tended to, we ask for help. Hiring a professional organiser and declutterer works in the same way.​

I am good at what I do and am passionate about it. You contact me, we work together and you get to enjoy the end result. I am here to help you achieve your goals, whether that be a space to be enjoyed, a corner of your home or work place to be reworked or a project that you task me with, to help free up your valuable time.

Will you pressure me to throw stuff away?

No, the final decision to dispose of something is always yours. We work through your items together, so you can decide if you really want and need it. I often find that once my clients start to declutter and see the space it creates, the process gets easier for them and they often want to tackle other spaces. ​

What if the session becomes too overwhelming?

Quite simply, we take a short break. Most of us have a connection with our possessions, especially ones which remind us of a certain time or evoke memories and feelings.

How many sessions will I need?

By the end of our consultation together, I will be able to determine how much of my time is required to complete your goals. Once my clients begin decluttering they often want to continue into other areas of their homes. This can be achieved in sessions covering weeks or months or we can agree a regular on-going slot if that suits you better. ​

What is an average client?

There is no such thing. Often a significant life event prompts a client to make contact or they are frustrated because they often lose things, feel they need to move house to gain more space, may feel overwhelmed or a particular task has become too daunting.

Alternatively, they may just want to clear the kitchen table in order to enjoy a family meal.

They have simply decided that enough is enough, today is the day they are going to take action.

Having someone experienced working alongside you can make all the difference. The skill, patience and motivation from a professional is invaluable.

How much will this cost?

Every project is different, so it is difficult to give exact predictions of cost. My hourly rate is £35 or £40 at weekends and bank holidays.

I can be flexible and agree a time frame that suits us both. It may be that you have a busy family home and want to declutter during school hours, need to work around carer visits or your work schedule.

Please see my Pricing page for full details or contact me for free consultation.

I think I might be a compulsive hoarder, is there any help out there for me?

Compulsive hoarding is a distressing and debilitating psychological condition that is only just beginning to be recognised. The following website provides a comprehensive resource of up-to-date information about compulsive hoarding, its diagnosis, research, treatment and the available support. Please see