Home Declutter

" Today I had my first session with Kim and it was brilliant. After years of moving boxes of stuff from house to house and room to room I realised that I could get someone to help me tackle this 'stuff' that has been following me around ever since I can remember.

I must confess to a worried few days at the thought of having someone come in to my personal space and help me and I even contemplated cancelling my appointment for fear of the intrusion. I am so glad that I had faith in Kim and decided that I could either continue to live the way I was living or take action and make a change and that it would be fine.

Kim was on time, pleasant, full of energy and positivity and not once did she throw anything away or tell me what to do with my belongings. Instead we created a sorting production line, Kim was mindful of the pace and not once did I feel pressurised in any way. Kim brought me back to focus a couple of times which was necessary to complete the job in hand.

My living space downstairs has been transformed in a 3 hour session. There were no tears, tantrums or upset just a focus on getting the job done. "


Home Declutter

" This is a heartfelt thank you for helping me regain my home and as a consequence my sanity.

I can honestly say that from our very first contact via email, I soon realised that my nightmare out of control home would soon be back feeling like my home again. I am so proud of how it looks and feels that you understood from the off what needed to be done.

The whole change was you putting me in control and making decisions about what I could let go of was right and true.

If anyone reading this is not sure, I am happy to talk to you.

Kim is professional, kind, helpful and above all a joy to be with and we have a real true respect for each other.

I hope this small plaudit goes a long way to recommending Kim. "

Mrs P Battle

Home Move Preparation

" When struggling alone to bring a property with a large garden up to selling state, and the nerves set in at the prospect of leaving long standing friends and good neighbours to settle in a new location, it is very welcome to enjoy the knowledgeable assistance of a consultant. Courteous, helpful and most of all, friendly and cheerful. Well done Kim. "


Move day unpack

" How right you were to suggest unpacking on move day! Kim created an atmosphere of control and fun. This took much of the stress from the process and enabled most of the boxes and packaging to be removed. This resulted in a relatively clutter free home at the end of the day. A very big thank you to Kim, who did all the hard work. "

Mr & Mrs J

Home Downsize

" Kim provided immense support during our recent move. Practical suggestions for disposing of excess furniture and clothing were backed by arranging collections and assisting the sorting process.

Her knowledge of the procedures and willingness to add physical support before, during and after the move have been invaluable. "

Mr & Mrs H

Home Downsize

" What a great idea! At the age of 80, having been recently widowed, I was dreading the idea of downsizing from a 3 bedroom bungalow to a 1 bedroom apartment - how? Kim was a wonderful help and guided me through everything. Thank you so much Kim! "

Mrs T

Storage Unit Declutter

" Kim was my saviour. After a couple of years of promising myself to sort through my deceased parents belonging, I just couldn't do it on my own. Kim was understanding and very patient and helped me to not just sort out their personal stuff but helped me deal with some strong emotions. Thank you so much, I would highly recommend your services. "


Home Downsize

" The time Kim spent with me was so useful and valuable. Kim was professional, very caring and went the extra mile to help me understand and achieve what I wanted. Thank you.. "

Mrs J

Home & Garage Declutter

"I found Kim through Google when I was completely overwhelmed with the task of sorting through accumulated

belongings from two generations! EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD!

Immediately Kim comes across as bright, honest, empathetic and genuinely interested in her work and the difference it makes to people. Over six sessions Kim has not only helped me to organise my external 'clutter' - she has also decluttered my brain leaving me happier, more energetic and free to do other things with a clear head.

I can't recommend Kim highly enough - she assists, guides, steps up or back, is positive and sensitive, yet fun to be with.

Working with Kim has been a pleasure and hopefully she will continue to help 'organise' my life and work in the future."


Home Downsize

" Thank you for all the work you completed with Mum last week, you worked amazingly hard and completed so much,

she is so pleased. "

Mrs P

New Home Unpack

"What Kim does is so much more than organise spaces. She is able to see the vision for a room and knows how to use the detail to bring it about. She understands how to create order from chaos in many different practical ways. Plus, she is a delight to work with. She has a talent for knowing when to lead and when to be instructed, the ultimate team player. Her energy is boundless and her resourcefulness limitless. She would be an asset to any household in need of a calming structure.

​We can’t wait to work with her again."

Sue Reeve, Managing Director, Consider it Done Lifestyle Management Ltd


Home Downsize

" Kim was first class in every respect, from organising to completing. A pleasure to work with, she did all the work. "

Mr M

Garage Declutter

"Our garage was cluttered with things we no longer used or had collected 'just in case'. Kim worked with us to sort everything in the garage into two groups of 'keep' and 're-home'. When the shelves were empty she gave them a wipe over, labelled the shelves and put the 'keep' things back on the shelves in neat, organised categories. She took photos of some 're-home' articles for us to send to our relatives, who we felt might want them. The other unwanted items were taken to the local hospice shop. I found the experience very satisfying as I was left with a clean and well organised garage. ​

Kim is an expert in decluttering and organising items and I would recommend her to anyone requiring decluttering services."


Home Declutter & Re-organisation of Design Studio

"Kim’s friendly, good humoured and very professional manner made her a joy to work with and really gave me confidence that no task was too big. Without Kim, those boxes would be still closed, and I couldn’t face sorting the contents of them. Kim LOVES organising and takes such pleasure in putting things in their rightful places, and helping identify things which I didn’t need any more, which is amazing because I don’t always know how to give things in my home a ‘home’. After working with Kim, all my studio contents and other items were organised in a logical way, so that now I can find everything I am looking for instead of searching through disorganised stuff. It is absolutely life changing. I feel I am now equipped to maintain keeping things clear and get rid of things. I think of her enthusiasm as I sit down to tackle what I find a horrible task, in order to push on and complete it. She has created a simple and logical system for me to give ‘homes’ to my belongings within areas of my home, keeping it much more organised and making it easier to maintain. I just don’t have that logical brain!"


Playroom & Utility Room Declutter

"I got in touch with Kim because I had three children under five and was planning to move house and I didn't want to carry over any clutter. Kim fully understood my needs and was an essential tool in helping feel organised and ready for my move. We tackled the playroom together which meant I didn't spend time reminiscing or being emotional over the many pieces of plastic that had accumulated. Afterwards the girls could see the toys that they enjoyed playing with and had more room to play. Just looking at the newly organised room made me feel calmer. Kim also arranged the children's clothes into size order which really made life easier when it came to one of them going up a size. I could just grab the box with the age on the front and I had everything I needed. I also trusted Kim to go through my confidential paperwork i.e bank statements, pensions and this is where I found her work invaluable. Everything was in company and date order in a folder and labelled. I now file correspondence quickly because it's easy.
​I would thoroughly recommend using Kim to getting your life in order."


Personal Assistant Support

"Kim came highly recommended to me by a number of former employers – and I have not been disappointed. Running a small business is always going to make huge demands on one’s time but having Kim as a PA to pick up the day-to-day organising of the business has been an absolute boon. Kim is intelligent and proactive. Kim doesn’t just organise but uses her initiative to make things happen. The feeling of knowing she is there to ensure things get done – sometimes even before you have thought about them yourself!

This short testimonial cannot do her justice.

She is worth her weight in gold!"

Dyll Davies, Director, Viva Velo, Cycle Tours & Events Ltd


Home Declutter

"Being faced with sorting out your unwanted old stuff and creating more space is a great undertaking in itself. It is even harder if you need to face things left from your loved one, who passed away. For a few years I tried to do this so many times myself. I was confused and emotional. I had never managed to do it properly and more importantly, to finish it. Then, I was lucky to get to know Kim. She was just great, efficient, straightforward and very well organised. It all seemed much easier and quicker to deal with. With her gentle guidance and support we managed to clear out my flat in no time. Some of things were sold, some kept, some were given to charities, and the rest just thrown out. I felt great afterwards. I have cleared not just my flat, but my mind as well. It gave me a push to move on with my life. Plus now, I apply her basic principles in my regular 'spring cleaning'.

No more clutter!”


Home Downsize

"My mother developed dementia and had to enter a nursing home. We had to completely empty out her house as it was to be rented.
I felt very emotional and overwhelmed by the task as my mother's life was represented by her personal effects and belongings.
Kim helped me by sorting all items in the house into categories. A small selection of personal items to be kept as memories; things for me to sell at a car boot sale and things to go to a local hospice shop. I liked the way Kim sorted items efficiently into categories, prepared boxes for me to take to a car boot sale and handled delivery to the hospice shop. She discussed items with me and allowed me choices at every stage of the task. The task was completed effectively and I felt happy that my mother's belongings had gone to new homes and to help others in the community.
I would unreservedly recommend Kim to declutter, downsize or organise your home."